We up, we might as well live blog this.

Chat it up in comments, I’ll try to put everything of note up here.

Jonathan Quick getting the start.

It’s go time!


Update 1:

Just a quick note: This game is being played in the small arena while Russia plays in the big arena. (If you’re a commie you can watch that on MSNBC) That’s why there’s quite a few empty seats.

Update 2:

USA got the first PP. Slovakia killed it pretty easily. Looks like both teams are still feeling it out. 7:30 left in the first now.

Update 3:

Carlson scored!


I didn’t see it because my cable is out.


Live blog is over.  

Update 4:
Cable is back just in time for the second period!  

Update 5: 1-1. Blatantly offside.


Update 6:

GOAL!!!!! Kesler makes it 2-1.


Update 7: Stop the fight!  


Update 8:

4-1. Halfway through the 2nd.


Update 9:

5-1 and now 6-1. Hard to keep up.


Update 10: 7-1.


Update 11:

Quiet 3rd period. Game over. USA wins in a slobberknocker 7-1.