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Of Course Toys R Us Caved To The Pressure And Pulled The Breaking Bad Action Figures Off Their Shelves

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FOX – Toys R Us is pulling its four collectible dolls based on characters from AMC’s hit series “Breaking Bad” after taking heat from a Florida mom who launched a petition campaign last week. The dolls are based on the series about Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who turns into a crystal meth dealer, and his sidekick Jesse Pinkman. The figures have a detachable bag of cash and a bag of methamphetamines. Toys R Us, which is based in Wayne, New Jersey, told The Associated Press late Tuesday that the dolls are being removed immediately from its website and shelves. “Let’s just say, the action figures have taken an indefinite sabbatical,” Toys R Us said in a statement. The retailer had maintained that the figures were sold in limited quantities in the adult-action-figure area of its stores. The Fort Myers, Florida, mom, identified by news media as Susan Schrivjer, launched a petition on last week, demanding that Toys R Us immediately stop selling the dolls. The mom, who wrote the petition under the name Susan Myers, said that the dolls are a “dangerous deviation from their family friendly values.” “While the show may be compelling viewing for adults, its violent content and celebration of the drug trade make this collection unsuitable to be sold alongside Barbie dolls and Disney characters,” she wrote. As of Tuesday, the petition had 8,000 signatures.


Yesterday’s blog when they weren’t going to pull the action figures

Of fucking course Toys R Us caved to fat moms in Florida who are too lazy to parent their own kids. Of course. I was really hoping they would take a stand against this bullshit, but nope. Once the ball got rolling they cowered and broke. It’s pitiful that this happens all the time now. It’s a fucking action figure meant for adults. It says 15+ on the box. 3 year olds can’t waltz into a Toys R Us and buy it themselves. And even if they did. Suspend all disbelief for me for a second. Let’s suppose a 3 year old got into a car, drove to Toys R Us, and bought a Walter White action figure..then what? He automatically starts slinging meth on weekends? Wakes up from the afternoon nap and cooks a batch? It’s all so ridiculous that one mom in Florida can start an Internet petition and decide what is ok for the rest of us. PARENT YOUR OWN KIDS. One day a company will take a stand against this nonsense. Might cost them a few dollars in the short run, but we can’t just keep caving to these inbreds over every tiny little thing that they disagree with. It’s a TOY! T-O-Y TOY! Makes me puke that Toys R Us pulled it off shelves, meanwhile:


Leonardo with his two swords is for ages 3-8.

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You can pick up your Walking Dead boxset.

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And let’s not even get started on what a piece of shit this guy is. And for $39.99. I’m outraged.

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By Nate posted October 22nd, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Chinese Woman Was Dumped by Her Boyfriend So She Did The Only Reasonable Thing And Moved Into a KFC and Ate Chicken Wings For a Week

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Yahoo - A lovesick Chinese woman dumped by her boyfriend spent an entire week in a KFC eating chicken wings. Depressed Tan Shen, 26, from Chengdu, in China’s southwest Sichuan Province, decided she needed some fried comfort food to get over her ex. She stopped off at a KFC near a train station by her home, but ended up staying for a whole week because she ‘needed time to think’. Tan even phoned in sick to work to stay at the KFC, with her break-up clearly hitting her very hard. She said: ‘I was walking around feeling miserable and decided to stop off at the KFC at the train station. ‘I hadn’t planned on staying there long, I just wanted some chicken wings. ‘But once I got in there and started eating I decided I needed time to think. ‘I didn’t want to go back to my apartment because it was full of memories of him. So I stayed.’ After a few days employees at the chicken shop began to get concerned. Worker Jiang Li Lung, 22, said: ‘We work in shifts here and the restaurant is open 24 hours a day, so we get a lot of people coming through. ‘At first no one really noticed her. ‘But after a few days I began thinking she looked really familiar. ‘Then I realised we had been serving her for the past three days and that she hadn’t actually left. ‘When we asked her if she was ok, she said she was and just needed time to think. ‘And then asked for another box of chicken wings with extra large fries.’ He said the woman wasn’t doing anyone any harm so they let her stay. He added: ‘She was after all a paying customer, even if a bit of an odd one.’ After a week Shen decided she’d had enough when local media turned up and decided to write about her. ‘I decided the best thing to do would be to leave the city and go back to my parents. ‘I had already told work I was off sick, so phoned them and said I was leaving. ‘And I was getting sick of the taste of chicken so there was no point in staying there anymore.’ She then boarded the next train to her parents’ home in Quingdao city in east China’s Shandong Province and left. Waitress Jiang Li Lung said: ‘I guess we kind of miss her. It certainly made work more interesting.’


We all deal with breakups different ways. Some people start going back into the gym, some start going out every night and banging anyone and everyone in sight, and some move into a KFC and eat nothing but chicken wings for a week. It’s basically semantics. Everyone has their own way of dealing with breakups. I think she wins the breakup though. How jealous is her ex boyfriend going to be when he finds out she got famous for eating nothing but KFC for a week? She lived the dream. Ate chicken wings when she wanted, slept on a pile of chicken bones when she wanted, not a care in the world. Didn’t have to go to work either. And all it took was one little breakup. It just goes to show that relationships can hold you back. You might think you’re happy, but are you “living inside of a Kentucky Fried Chicken” happy? Just something to think about the next time your girlfriend tries to make you do some dumb shit. You could go to her little sister’s piano recital…or you could say fuck you and go eat chicken for a week. The choice is yours.

By Nate posted October 22nd, 2014 at 9:35 AM

Wake Up With Ashley Denise



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By Nate posted October 22nd, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Barstool DMV Smokeshow of the Day – Taylor From Maryland

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Taylor from Maryland is exactly what we need to cure our rainy day blues. Fire smoke.

Nominate smokes by sending Facebook links to



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By Nate posted October 21st, 2014 at 5:40 PM

Woman Scratches The Fuck Out Of Her Boyfriend In a Fight Over a Blanket




Fox – DeLand police rushed to a home where neighbors reported a woman had been screaming outside for 15 minutes only to find out she was fighting over a blanket, according to an arrest report. A Florida woman is accused of attacking her boyfriend in a fight over a blanket. Deland Police were called to the couple’s Lindley Blvd. home at 4:14 a.m. on Oct. 13th. According to a police report filed by officer G. Faustich, neighbors had called after Emma Campbell was heard screaming in the front yard for about 15 minutes. Police police say the couple had been arguing over who could use a blanket and things escalated to a tug of war and then a fight in which Campbell allegedly attacked McCall with her fingernails. Campbell, 20, left several scratches on her boyfriend, Alexander McCall, according to police photos released to the media. They show injuries to his chest, back and thigh. Campbell was charged with battery and has been released from the Volusia County Jail.


I hate to victim blame here, but do not get between a bitch and her blanket. That’s pretty much rule 1A of dating. Bitches want to be under blankets at weird-ass times, and you just have to learn to get used to it. 20 degrees outside? No blanket needed. 100 degrees? Shivering under a blanket like she’s in a god damn igloo. If the guy for a second thought his back wasn’t going to end up looking link Kunta Kinte’s, he better get out of the dating world and quick. What I don’t know, however, is how he allowed it to escalate to the point his back appeared to be mauled by a saber-toothed tiger. Maybe after the 3rd or 4th scratch that resulted in bloodshed you call it a day. Maybe go home, grab your own blanket, and try again.

By Nate posted October 21st, 2014 at 5:20 PM

They Are Making Real Life Hoverboards That You Can Buy Via Kickstarter for Only $10,000

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(Video isn’t embedding directly, as is tradition. Click the link below to see it.)

CSM - We might be seeing the pre-pre-pre-prototype of Marty McFly’s hoverboard. Arx Pax, a small start-up from Los Gatos, Calif., launched a Kickstarter campaign Tuesday for a hoverboard and other hovering inventions. The future might not quite be now, but the very first taste of it will run you $10,000 for a hoverboard. The board levitates about one inch off the ground and the battery runs for 7 minutes, but looking at demonstrations given to writers at Gigaom and The Verge, it works.
h/t Ryan

I’m going to try and stay calm, because I’ve been lied to in the past. When Tony Hawk, most famous for encouraging kids to sit at home and play video games all day, look at me straight in the eyes and lied to me about his fake hoverboard. I haven’t been able to trust anyone since, hence why I don’t have a girlfriend (hahaha). But now, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. At long last, hoverboards are here. 7 minutes of hovering 1 inch off the ground for only $10,000 is the steal of the lifetime. Move over Louisiana Purchase, a new big dog is in town. And it goes by the name hoverboard, and for the low cost of my entire life savings, it will be mine.



By Nate posted October 21st, 2014 at 4:05 PM

Today The Internet Is Freaking Out About Matthew McConaughey Supporting The Redskins Name

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Time - What interests me is how quickly it got pushed into the social consciousness. We were all fine with it since the 1930s, and all of a sudden we go, “No, gotta change it”? It seems like when the first levee breaks, everybody gets on board. I know a lot of Native Americans don’t have a problem with it, but they’re not going to say, “No, we really want the name.” That’s not how they’re going to use their pulpit. It’s like my feeling about gun control: “I get it. You have the right to have guns. But look, let’s forget that right. Let’s forget the pleasure you get safely on your range, because it’s in the wrong hands in other places. And why is McConaughey, who hails from Texas, a Redskins fan, anyway? “First, four years old, watching Westerns, I always rooted for the Indians,” McConaughey, who once played a football coach in We Are Marshall, said. “Second, my favorite food was hamburgers. The Redskins had a linebacker named Chris Hanburger.” The interviewer asked McConaughey if he would be hurt to see the logo gone. “It’s not going to hurt me. It’s just… I love the emblem,” the Oscar winner said. “I dig it. It gives me a little fire and some oomph. But now that it’s in the court of public opinion, it’s going to change. I wish it wouldn’t, but it will.””


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For some reason the Internet is going buhnanas over stupid shit today. First people are losing their minds because a standup comedian called Bill Cosby, a guy who is known to have sexually assaulted women, a rapist. I saw that and was like what, huh? It’s a comedian on stage telling a joke about a guy who tries to rape chicks. And then people got over than when they found out Matthew McConaughey, a lifelong Redskins fans, supports the name. He digs it. It’ gives him some oomph. And I ask those who care about Matthew McConaughey’s opinion on a social issue why the fuck you care about Matthew McConaughey’s opinion on a social issue. That’s the beauty of this, he’s allowed to think whatever he wants. He grew up a Skins fan, he likes the name, so be it. Plus, the fact he likes the team because Chris Hanburger is the most Matthew McConaughey thing in the world.

PS: Think the Skins can lose to the Cowboys still? Colt gonna give it to ya, gonna give it to ya.

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By Nate posted October 21st, 2014 at 3:05 PM

Nightmare on M Street Is a HUGE DC Halloween Party This Weekend



It’s DC’s biggest Halloween party this Saturday. 10,000 people, over 36 bars, and $2 Coors Lights, $3 Blue Moons, and $4 Bacardi’s. Doesn’t get much better than that. Straight up, this is the place to be on Saturday. Everyone is drunk, everyone is dressed up (or down), and everyone is walking bar to bar drinking 2 dollar beers. Plus, a midnight costume contest where you can win a trip for 2 to Vegas.

You can buy tickets today by going HERE. Use the promo code “STOOL” and get 15% off your tickets.

If you can’t bring a girl home from this crawl, I don’t know what to tell ya.


unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)


This is the biggest and best bar crawl of the year. Participating bars include:

The Front Page, Irish Whiskey, Madhatter, McFadden’s, The Exchange, RFD, Jackpot, Fado, Greene Turtle, 51st State, Barcode, Black Rooster, BlackFinn DC, Bottom Line, Bread & Brew, Buffalo Billiards, James Hobans, Mackey’s, MIA, Midtown Party Plex, Ozio, Panache, Pizza No. 17, Public Bar, Recessions, Rumors, Sign of the Whale, Mission, Darlington House, Cantina Pub, Lucky Strike, The Manor, Bar Louie, Dirty Martini, Redline, Lucky Strike and more to come!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.01.05 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.00.46 PM

Don’t sit at home on Saturday when you can be bar crawling around DC. 5pm-1 am for the drink specials, and then DC bars don’t close til 3. See you out there on Saturday, bitches.

The crawl will sell out. You and your friends should not be left out. Buy your tickets here.

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By Nate posted October 21st, 2014 at 2:05 PM

Hey Remember BitCoin? There Is Now a BitCoin ATM in a Baltimore Bar, For Whatever Reason

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Source - The ATM lets customers buy and sell Bitcoins based on whatever the prevailing rate is at that particular moment (as of 10 a.m. Tuesday, CoinDesk listed the going rate for one Bitcoin as $386.62). It changes in real-time. “You can sit here and day-trade all day,” quipped Eric Grill, CEO of CoinOutlet, the North Carolina company that installed the ATM. CoinOutlet has more than 100,000 Bitcoin ATMs nationwide, with plans to put ATMs in BWI Airport and Penn Station, among other locations, with dates yet to be determined, Grill said. “I’m local, so maybe I’ll use it to buy a beer at some point,” said Bill Burch of Canton. Burch bought about $5 worth of Bitcoin. The machine took just 5 cents of his $5 as a commission. Joshua Riddle, cofounder of Federal Hill-based Bitsie, said the rate at the ATM is still better than many online exchanges. “The best part is when a company starts accepting Bitcoins, they see who’s really using it,” Riddle said. “Now with this ATM, a business can offer a discount for Bitcoins. There’s no transaction fees for the merchant.” For his part, Reusling said he accepts Bitcoin same as cash, with no special deals for those using the cryptocurrency. Riddle said his startup, which works with businesses to facilitate Bitcoin use in the area, is currently on-boarding six different companies. One of Riddle’s takers is rapper Sorcez Dieniro, who worked with Bitsie to accept Bitcoin as payment for his next album. He said he read a recent article in XXL magazine that talked about Bitcoin and the rappers who are coming around to the cryptocurrency, including 50 Cent. “50 Cent jumped to Vitamin Water. Nobody believed in Vitamin Water,” Dieniro said. “If 50 jumped … he’s a pretty intelligent guy, he made pretty intelligent investments.”


Been sitting here scratching my head trying to figure this one out. Even hit up your boy Banks on Gchat and asked him what the deal with this is, and he has no clue either. He also doesn’t know not to be a racist on Twitter, so I’m not sure why I expected much from him anyway. How does a fake currency have an ATM? Does unicorn dust come out when you make a withdraw? I don’t follow at all. But it’s a thing. And it’s a thing that is happening at a bar in Baltimore.

“You can sit here and day-trade all day,” quipped Eric Grill, CEO of CoinOutlet, the North Carolina company that installed the ATM. What the fuck does that even mean? Who goes to a bar to sit there and day-trade BitCoins? I have a feeling if you know what BitCoins are and how they work, you probably aren’t going to a bar to buy and sell them. Probably have never even been inside of a bar, or a female, at all. This whole thing is ridiculous. A year ago one BitCoin was over $1,000. Now they are at $386. Next week they will be as real as Nessie. You’re better off buying NateBux, at least we admit those are fake.

By Nate posted October 21st, 2014 at 1:20 PM

Man Snatches $25 From a Customer’s Hand at a Gas Station, Goes Back The Next Day, Gets Arrested, Then Won’t Stop Masturbating In Front Of The Police

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FLA – A robbery suspect was arrested Sunday after he returned to the same gas station and was identified by the customer he robbed, according to a Broward Sheriff’s Office report. Johnny Big Sims, 31, faces a charge of robbery by sudden snatching. According to the arrest report, a man was purchasing items inside a gas station on Northwest 27th Avenue and was preparing to pay the clerk when Sims walked up behind the man and snatched $25 in cash from his hand. The next day, Sims returned to the gas station and was identified by the customer, who also happened to be there, the report said. That customer called deputies, who arrived and detained Sims. While Sims was being handcuffed, the man told deputies, “That’s him. That’s the one who took my money.” According to the report, Sims repeatedly masturbated while in the interview room despite numerous warnings from deputies to stop. Sims eventually had to be placed in handcuffs to get him to stop.


This story is like a movie that I would walk out of because it was too over the top and unbelievable. Fine, the guy is named Johnny Big Sims. Great movie name. And then Johnny Big Simms steals from a guy at a gas station, then just so happens to return to the gas station at the exact same time as the guy he robbed the day before? Yea, I’m sure that happened. And then to cap it off he decides to furiously masturbate while the cops try to interview him? What a ridiculous movie.

Way for the news station to completely bury the lead here. Blah blah blah, guy steals from gas station, happens every day. Blah blah blah, he goes back and gets caught. Happens from time to time, whatever. Guy then won’t stop jerking off in front of the cops?! That’s the real story here. They don’t call him Johnny Big Sims for nothing. Guy is steamed up, engine revved, ready to go at a moment’s notice. You want to talk to him about that 25 bucks he stole yesterday? That’s fine, hope you enjoy talking to him with a big cock in your face. That’s just the way Johnny Big Sims shake, rattle and rolls.

By Nate posted October 21st, 2014 at 12:30 PM
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