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Holy Ovi!


Between the legs, through two defenders, falling down backhanded top shelf holy Ovi dangleicious!



By Nate posted December 20th, 2014 at 9:23 PM

DeSean Jackson Could Not Be Happier To Knock The Eagles Out Of The Playoffs


I love DeSean. Can’t believe Chip cut him. He has been one of the lone bright spots all season and hasn’t been the distraction we all thought he would be. In fact, he’s been a vocal leader. Love seeing him get his revenge, even if we do only have 4 wins. Neither team is going to the playoffs, and the team that shoved him out the door is going to be hitting the links in Hawaii just the same. Bye Eagles Bye, indeed.

By Nate posted December 20th, 2014 at 8:29 PM

Redskins Win! Redskins Win!



Sweet, sweet victory. Took the Eagles playoffs hopes and slammed their dicks in the door. Winning feels so good. The high of when your team wins a football game is so stupid. Here I was on my couch, on edge about us winning our 4th game in week 16. It’s so gross but I could not be happier. So sweet to send the Eagles on their way. DeSean will play as many playoffs games as the Eagles will this year.

PS: No more RG3 and X jokes! Rejoice!

By Nate posted December 20th, 2014 at 7:48 PM

Redskins vs Eagles “Maybe We Can Play Spoiler Or Something” Live Blog



Only two games left in this horrid season. RG3 is back under center today, which is always a journey. Will he play good or bad? How many unnecessary hits will he take? And then how many beautiful deep balls will he throw to DeSean? Same thing, different week. Would feel good to spoil the Eagles season. I’m not a lose to get a draft pick guy. Winning always feels good. And we’ve only felt good 3 times this year. Wouldn’t mind a 4th.


By Nate posted December 20th, 2014 at 4:05 PM

3 Hours Of Christmas Songs Taking You Into The Weekend


Step 1) Hit play.

Step 2) Turn on the fire.



Step 3) Have yourself a great weekend.


By Nate posted December 19th, 2014 at 5:30 PM

OH HELL YEAH Stone Cold Steve Austin Turned 50 Years Old Yesterday



Gimme a hell yeah! Austin 3:16 turned 50 god damn years old yesterday. Youngest 50 year old sumbitch this side of the Mississippi.

Nobody can ever replace Austin. One of a kind guy. And now he’s 50! Unreal. Would still be working today if his neck wasn’t broken by a bad piledriver. But still to this day when you hear the glass, it’s your ass. He’ll stomp a mudhole in your ass and walk it dry.

By Nate posted December 19th, 2014 at 4:45 PM

Orioles Offseason Update – Keeping Cool, Staying The Path, And Not Doing Anything Drastic

Camden Yards

It’s been a slow offseason for the Birds as Markakis, Miller, and Cruz have all flown the nest in Baltimore and settled into their new homes, and the Orioles haven’t done much to replace them. I’ll review what the team has been doing, address some of the rumors floating around, and fill you in on the rest of the Birds business.

Delmon Double

O’s Not Active In Free Agency

Another week passes without any major moves made by the Orioles, cue the fans still being upset. Whether it’s the team not going hard after outfielder Melky Cabrera (three years, $42 mill to the ChiSox), or utility guy Michael Morse (two years, $16 million to Miami.) And when they do make a move, signing lefty reliever Wesley Wright, no one blinks an eye. Just because the O’s aren’t spending like the Sox, Yanks, and Blue Jays doesn’t mean they automatically get passed in the standings. Remember, this club won the East by 12 games last season.

I’m not sure what the fans want the O’s to do. Everyone is clamoring for them to sign a corner outfielder. Who’s the best guy out there? Ichiro? Guys like Seth Smith or Travis Snider via trade? Nori Aoki? Colby Rasmus? That dude looks like the white version of Bubbles, and you know what he got into when he was in Baltimore.

I’d be okay with any of those guys, but I’d also be perfectly fine using a platoon of De Aza/Lough/Pearce until they can eventually pass the torch to a youngster, whether it’s Dariel Alvarez or Mike Yastrzemski. It seems fans just want the team to make a move for the sake of making a move. Spending money doesn’t guarantee a World Series title (see: Blue Jays, every year)

One free agent move that I do want them to get done is bringing back Senor Big Bat, Delmon Young. Young can handle the DH spot and fill in when needed in the outfield. Two year deal max though, even though he’ll likely ask for a third.


Chris Davis And His Adderall

As Banks wrote earlier this week, Chris Davis has been granted an Adderall exemption for the 2015 season. You know what that means right? More 2013 Davis. This is great news because Davis was just lost at the plate last year, an absolute train wreck. I’m seeing somewhere around .260 with 35 bombs and 100 driven in. No way he can be as bad as he was last year, its mathematically impossible.

Manny and Wieters

Will Injured Orioles Be Ready For Opening Day?

Buck came out this week and said Matt Wieters may not be ready for Opening Day. This isn’t a big deal at all. Going into free agency after this season, Wieters is going to take his time and make sure he’s 100% healthy, which hopefully will make his bat return to where it was last season before he got hurt. It doesn’t matter to me if he misses one game, 10 games, or 20 games, I’m fine with him easing his way back into the lineup.

Showalter did give us some good news when he said that he expects Manny Machado to be ready for Opening Day. I like his strategy, get the knee injuries out of the way early on in his career. Sucks he went down last year because his bat was really starting to heat up. No doubt he’ll have a huge impact when he comes back.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t go to bed every night thinking about the monster season Manny is going to have this year. Both knees have been fixed now, no more genetic defects and he’s got titanium rods and shit all up in his knees. Hoping to see 150 games out of Manny this year.

On that note, I’ll leave you with this insanely awesome video to remind you how good Manuel Arturo Machado is.

107 days until opening Day, Lets go O’s!

By RDT posted December 19th, 2014 at 3:55 PM

Obama Loves James Flacco

via Vice


“I love Seth…and I love James”. James Flacco. Gotta give Big O a pass here. Whose mind is Joey Football not on? Flacco, Franco, potato, potato. Both are elite, hardly a difference besides the Super Bowl MVP Flacco has.



By banks posted December 19th, 2014 at 2:53 PM

Hockey Fight Friday: The Caps Bash Brothers Beat Down The Blue Jackets



That’s just what the Caps do now. They’ve won 5 out of the last 7, getting points in 6 of those games. Bash Brothers/Ketchup Kings out there beating in skulls like you read about. And love Ovi egging them on from the bench right before the fight. Willy gets some cheapies thrown his way, Latta steps up to the plate and takes care of business. Bash Brothers 101 right there. It’s the new Caps. It’s why they are killing it now.


While we’re here might as well talk a little Caps hockey. I’m cool with Bura being sent down. He needs more ice time and to get more used to the American game. He has all the skill in the world for a 20 year old, so it’s no problem that he’s down in Hershey getting ice time for right now.

Holtby is still playing great. But he’s playing a lot. Eventually Justin Peters will have to step in and play a couple games to give Holts a rest.

Last night the Caps scored 5 goals and neither Ovi nor Backstrom recorded a point. The rest of the NHL should be very worried by that. Secondary scoring has been huge for the Caps this year. Really looks like everything is clicking. Can’t wait to lift that fucking Cup.

By Nate posted December 19th, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Week 16 Ravens-Texans Preview: Let’s Punch A Ticket This Weekend

ravens watt

Here’s the deal. Ravens are 9-5 and sitting in the 6th position in the AFC Playoffs. If they win out, which is a fairly likely outcome, they’re in. But they don’t necessarily have to wait until Week 17 to punch their ticket. With a win, they can get in with a Chiefs win over Pittsburgh and an inevitable Broncos win over Cincinnati. This scenario would also present them with the opportunity to win the division outright at home next week against Cleveland. Or we can pray the Niners figure their shit out and beat the Chargers, and somehow the Raiders find a way to beat Buffalo. Obviously scenario #1 is more far more plausible, but we’ll have fun rooting for lil bro Jim on Saturday night anyway.


But obviously these scenarios are moot if we don’t take care of business in Houston. They’re a solid football team, but their QB injury issues are well documented. They won’t spill the beans on whether Thad Lewis or Case Keenum will start, but it really shouldn’t matter. Thad’s been on the roster for a few weeks and is still in the process of learning the offense, while Case knows it having started 8 games in this system for Houston last year. For that reason, rumors are that Case is the favorite to start. But keep in mind that there’s a reason he was cut by 2 teams, including the Texans. So I like our chances in keeping their offense in check despite our depleted secondary. Keys for Sunday:


1. Stack the Box


For as poor as our secondary has been, the front 7 has been out of this world. We still find ourselves coming in at 6th in the league in points allowed, and guys like Mosley and Dumervil are the reason for that. Houston presented a run-heavy offense even before their QB injuries. We all know what Arian Foster is capable of. Stack the box and render him ineffective. We already only allow 84 yards a game on the ground. Haven’t allowed a 100 yard rusher in 24 weeks. Longest streak in the league by a whopping 10 games. Let’s keep that going, and stack the box with 7 or 8 guys. Throw some exotic blitzes at whoever’s under center and force him into poor decisions. Their loss is our gain. I’m pulling for a shutout on Sunday.


2. Protect the Football

Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens

Can’t afford to help a team with an inept offense by turning the ball over. The only way we lose this football game is if we beat ourselves. Keep the ball on the ground and throw conservatively. If Joe goes through his reads and doesn’t find anyone, he needs to throw it away or tuck it in and take the sack. Play smart. The Texans lead the league in turnovers forced and points scored off turnovers. We won’t need to march down the football field and put 7 on the board on every drive to win this game. We have great special teams units. It’s been overlooked how good the coverage teams have been. Let them do their jobs and live to fight another day. Oh, and as always, don’t cough up the rock. Looking at you Juice.


3. Bottle Up JJ Fucking Watt


Obv. Guy’s a beast and no one’s arguing that. If there’s somebody who can read him like a book though, it’s Gary Kubiak. I’m sure he’ll throw some double teams at him to try and get the job done. And I’m sure Watt knows what kind of protection schemes Kubiak has up his sleeve. Could be an interesting chess match. The consequence from double-teaming is that Watt can open up lanes for his linebackers to blitz and get to the QB untouched. Forsett and Juice will be key in picking up blitzers and pass protecting effectively. One slip-up could be the game. As for Watt swatting passes, there’s not a lot you can do besides hope and pray those balls harmlessly to the turf.


4. Keep Deandre Hopkins In Front Of The Safety


Relatively speaking, Hopkins has gone under the radar during his breakout year. He’s already got 1,167 yards this year catching the ball from medicore QB’s. His 16.7 yards per catch is 6th in the league, so it’s clear he’s got big play potential. Will Hill has done a great job in recent weeks, and he’ll have an eye on Hopkins at all times. I expect Webb to be on Andre Johnson due to his size and physicality, so whoever starts on the other side will be tasked with Hopkins. I don’t know whether it’ll be Rashaan Melvin, Anthony Levine, or Antoine Cason, but they need to be disciplined. Houston will take their shots downfield if we stack the box.


This weekend should be fun. We’re in a great position to be playing January football. Lotta pressure on Pittsburgh and Cincinnati to beat a couple of tough teams this weekend. I fully expect to be playing Johnny Football in 9 days for a ticket to the dance if we don’t end up getting that ticket on Monday night. Great time to be a Ravens fan. Let’s keep it rollingggggggg!!!!!!!


By banks posted December 19th, 2014 at 1:05 PM
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